Media Kit

This page provides resources for the media who might be interested in the international campaign at Deutsche Telekom / T-Mobile USA.

The campaign’s international website as well as the U.S. website have commentary, reports, and video materials.

We have assembled materials that describe the company, its union avoidance behavior, and the international campaign:

We have chronicled management behavior throughout the campaign. Click here for the story of technicians in upstate New York (PDF) who saw their clear majority in support of the union chiseled into a minority after a relentless management campaign.

On September 15, 2011, the German television program Monitor aired an 8-minute segment on Deutsche Telekom’s union avoidance.

(Click on the CC at the lower right corner of the video player to see English captions.)

The program was viewed by over 3 million households in Germany on the day of the airing and countless numbers since.