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Hi! Candice here. I am a college student majoring in psychology, and my college journey has been interesting to say the least. However, before I get onto about myself, I want to give you a huge welcome for reading my blog. This blog is dedicated to you: the suffering student in college who has been thrust into a world they have never experienced before! Just kidding, I am just being slightly dramatic, but it’s true that college presents many unique challenges that you probably have not faced before.

Now, for who my blog is aimed at: well anyone at college, really! I may be a psychology major, but essay-writing tips can apply to anyone writing essays. I also have many guest blog posters throughout the month, giving general tips on college or about specific subjects. You can find these blog posts by filtering topics on my blog site.

I also have a very engaging community on my blog. Do not be shy to interact with your fellow blog readers and even with myself. I endeavor to reply to every comment I receive, and I hope we will get to talk on my blog.

A brief overview on myself: I love writing and I am absolutely passionate about my major, which is psychology. I will be making many blog posts about essays, writing in general and psychology. I hope you can take many tips from my experiences, and use them to improve your writing and your essays. I hope you have a wonderful time browsing my blog!

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