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College Essay Format: Six Facts You Need To Know

There are six key basic facts you need to know about the format of a college essay. Once you implement these six aspects of college papers into your work, you will then experience a lot of success and enjoy higher grades than you have accomplished thus far. Many students struggle with achieving their full potential in college papers, however with some small adjustments, they can finally realize their full potential.


The introduction of your paper is extremely important in making sure that the reader knows exactly what you will be talking about. You need to make sure that by the end of the introduction you reader knows what to expect from your writing. As such, students commonly write the introduction after they have completed the rest of their paper and they know themselves what to expect.

Your introduction should also include the extremely important thesis statement, which is the central aim of your paper. Some college papers will also require students to include a review of the latest literature on the topic they are writing about and/or give some background information. This commonly goes in the introduction. To get qualified recommendations on how to write a good introduction to custom college essays, try to search online.

Main Body

The main body of your paper should be where the main aspects of your essay should be written. For example, if you are writing a research paper, then your research and analysis should go in the main body of your work. The main body can consist of many paragraphs and there is not a fixed number. However, ensure that all the main points you need to make are made in the main body. Think of the main body as the place where you will try to satisfy the thesis statement made in the introduction.


After your introduction and main body comes the conclusion. The conclusion should summarize all the key points you have brought up during the course of your writing. The conclusion is also where you decide whether or not the thesis statement you made in the introduction has been satisfied, through the content of your main body. As the conclusion is the last part of your writing to be read by your reader, reiterate the most important points in some depth.


Referencing is a huge part of college essays. You need to reference your work at all times and be vigilant with it. If not done properly, then you can be under threat of being caught for plagiarism. The most common type of referencing system used is called the Harvard system, which is done in the ‘name, date’ style, with a bibliography attached to your work at the end.

Writing Style

The writing style of a college paper is also formal, unless specified. Ensure that your writing is free of any colloquialism or any slang words, as these will negatively impact your work. Also try to make your point as succinctly as possible, without using convoluted language.


The structure of your paper is extremely important, and this means that you make use of frequent paragraphs so your writing is easy for your reader to follow. Also, once you have finished your writing, you need to go back and edit and format your work properly to ensure it is free of any grammar and punctuation mistakes.

These are the most common tips given for writing help in college. You will be surprised at how many students fail to make use of these formatting tips and get a low grade, despite having good content. You too can avoid this fate by following these formatting tips.

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