How To Write An Analysis Section Of An Academic Paper

The analysis section of an academic essay is extremely important. In this section, you main thoughts and ideas will come out in regards to the research that you have conducted for your work. In this article, we will discuss how to properly write an analysis section that ensures that your work receives much praise amongst your fellow academics.

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Academic Essays

Before we get onto the analysis section, we must take a quick look at academic papers. Academic papers are unlike any other types of essays you may have come across during college. For science students, they come across as a particular shock since they do not have much essay writing experience during college. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to become acquainted with the structure of an academic essay, and to write one to a high standard even if you have little essay writing experience.

To truly understand the analysis section of an academic paper, we must see the role it plays in your writing. As you probably already know, the structure of an academic piece of writing is as follows:

Once you know the structure of an academic essay, we can move on to discussing the analysis part of the paper.


As can be seen above, the analysis section of an academic essay is concerned with analyzing the results you have achieved through your research. The analysis should aim to answer questions such as:

The main purpose of the analysis is to see whether or not the thesis statement you made in your introduction has been satisfied. The pivotal part of your essay is the thesis statement, and so it is worth analyzing this in depth to ensure a high mark for your work.

As you can see, many students have a lot of misconceptions about the analysis part of an academic paper. However, by utilizing our guide, you can compose a high quality analysis section that will bring you a lot of success.

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